October 5 - End of Season

Monday, the 5th of October, the Southwest Michigan Fraternal League of Ordinary Golfers will not be playing, and announces the end of the official season.

We would have loved to finish the season with a particularly spectacular outing, but the weather and people's schedules have conspired against. (Josh, take note - we are having WEATHER problems up here. Not like McMurdo Station, where the weather is pretty consistent from day to day!)

So, no big finish. We did have a great year, took on a range of courses, and our only regret is that we have not encouraged more to come out and enjoy the links with us. Note, I said links, not the game. The courses have been fine, ranging from good to really good. The weather has been supportive, for the most part, with some truly beautiful days thrown in. The game, on the other hand, well, if it wasn't for the bad shots, we'd have no score at all. The only days we managed to finish in the low 80's were when it wasn't too cold or too hot. You get my drift.

Anyway, it has been an enjoyable season, and we are looking forward to another one next year. Let your friends know, so that they can contact me and get on the email list.

In the meantime, watch this space - if a good day shows up, we may put out a call for any available flogger to join us.

No good days, then we'll see you next year.